Key Features:
  • High Quality
  • Protection against weather & dusty conditions
  • Drawstring system for quick and easy adjustments
  • Various sizes to choose from


These covers are suitable for all wooden, metal, wicker or plastic furniture items to protect them wear & damage arising from different weather conditions, dust, bird droppings and leaves etc. 
Waterproof: The outdoor garden cover is made from high quality Oxford fabric with hydrophobic coating and durable silver backing. Whether it's rain, snow, frost or hail; protect your precious outdoor furniture from wet all day.
UV protection: The interior of the outdoor garden furniture cover is made of polyester and PVC jacket. The PVC coating can prevent long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays and harmful light, and reflects heat effectively to prevent strong sunlight damage.
Wind-resistant drawstring: When the toggle is pulled the bottom of the cover forms a tight wrap around the furniture protecting it from weather and falling debris like leaves or dust. Pulling the drawstring tight will ensure that the cover won’t slip off.
Product sizes:
120 x 120 x 74cm (L x W x H)
123 x 123 x 74cm (L x W x H)
126 x 126 x 74cm (L x W x H)
213 x 132 x 74cm (L x W x H)
200 x 160 x 70cm (L x W x H)
270 x 180 x 89cm (L x W x H)
250 x 250 x 90cm (L x W x H)
Package Includes:
1 x Furniture Cover
1 x Storage Bag

Waterproof Garden Patio Furniture Rain Cover for Rattan Table Cube Set Outdoor